A Series of Isolating Relationships

Few people would admit they like isolating relationships, but there are some who unconsciously prefer them. Many people who work to isolate a partner are very complimentary towards the person they are with, and this is often a pleasant experience. When their partner continually tells them how much better they are than everyone else, it feeds their ego and enhances their sense of self-worth. It takes a person with a strong sense of self-confidence to look past this treatment.

Leaving a partner who has isolated them is often just a reason to get into another relationship of the same type, and people fail to understand why loved ones disapprove of the new person they are dating. When friends and family try to tell someone their new partner is as bad as their old one, the person refuses to see it. Their new person continues to compliment them every day, and this person believes loved ones do not want them to be happy. They are working to convince themselves of this fact.

Over time, isolating relationships become lonely for those involved in them. The person who has been isolated will attempt to find new friends to replace those who have left, and their new friends have fresh insights about their partner. They will see and comment on how the person acts, and this may lead to the breakdown of the relationship. These are the people who will help a friend leave their partner.

Friends and family do want to get along with a person's partner, and they work hard at striking the right balance with any new relationship. A person who continually chooses to be with isolating partners will find their connections slipping away. They may be able to get new friends, but family members who have been driven away will seldom choose to associate unless a family emergency occurs.