Recognizing an Isolationist

The modern world has given many people an opportunity to be able to spot red flags in relationships, but not all of them are easy to spot when someone is emotionally involved. Their current partner might not exhibit any of the important red flags that should signal a breakup, so it is important to realize their bad behavior might not manifest until after they have been together for a while. Recognizing an isolationist in a relationship is something that should be an ongoing process for at least the first year, and signs of it should be discussed as soon as the behavior becomes evident.

Many people in the modern world have become isolated without the ability to see it on their own, but keeping a partner from socializing normally is where their behavior becomes an issue. Once a couple has made a permanent commitment that is generally where the problems begin. A person who has few friends or relatives they associate with is isolated, but their behavior when it comes to their partner is not necessarily a red flag. If they are willing to socialize with their partner’s friends and loved ones, then the problem is only theirs.

Isolating a partner from friends and relatives often begins with a few innocuous comments about not liking a particular person, but successfully eliminating that person from their social calendar can lead to more isolation. The isolationist will eventually find fault with every person their spouse befriends, and this is where the danger lies. Putting down a firm foot when the behavior starts is often the best way to avoid a continuation of it, but people seldom see it when they are too close to the problem.

If a partner who chooses to be isolated begins to keep their partner from seeing others, it is time to seek professional counseling or leave the relationship. Their partner must make the choice to learn to socialize, so helping them overcome it is the only way to have a normal relationship.