Loneliness in the Modern World

Social media has connected people as never before, but there is still a great deal of loneliness in the world. Those who post the most may be those who need more connections, and those who do not post at all might be feeling completely isolated. Few people today dial up a friend or loved one who is not physically close, and avoiding those ties is one way isolation occurs. Even those in a close relationship might feel isolation dragging them down, and it has the same effect as any bad relationship.

Popularity has always been important, and social media has changed the metric on how popularity is viewed. Many now believe the number of connections they have online says how popular they are, and they do not understand why they feel alone. They create posts on a regular basis to show how happy they are, but they feel nothing but dread in their heart. It is the feelings of isolation that are true, but they try to believe it is the public face they show the online world.

Relationships are not always good, but the happy factor of social media has given bad relationships a boost in modern life. People do not want to publicly show they are unhappy and alone, so they create a false image for their friends and family online. Their feelings of isolation can be temporarily ignored if they get recognition for an event in their life, and they discount their feelings when they receive enough attention this way.

A partner who is isolated is often depressed, and using the balm of social media is not the answer. They need professional help, or they might need to get out of a bad relationship. It is important for friends and loved ones to see past the posts, or they might find they have lost a loved one who could no longer face being lonely.