Building Separate Lives

Long term relationships generally require a commitment, yet some people manage to skip that part of it. They could agree on marriage, but their idea of what it entails may be nothing like what they partner believes to be true. One person could feel they should be building a future together that benefits both of them, but the other person could have the notion the relationship only needs to benefit their goals. Neither of them might want to end their relationship, so building separate lives could become their new goal when the old ones no longer work.

Isolation in a relationship generally gives one person complete control over the other, and breaking out of that mould can actually save the partnership. The couple might have many assets that would be of much lesser value if they are split, so divorce might not be a good option. Rather than going with a traditional break up, they could agree that living their own lives is the best way for them to proceed.

Living with a partner without the same goals can be a frustrating time, yet acknowledging the fact could ease much of the strain. If both people in the relationship are willing to build their own lives without ending a marriage, they may eventually be able to find a nurture better ties with others. Ending their commitment to each other in a gradual manner will help alleviate the pain and stress of an immediate divorce, and it could even make them appreciate each other more once they have gone their separate ways.

While there are many reasons relationships fail, most of them do have their beginning in a lack of true communication between the pair. People in love often hear what they want, and they ignore anything that might destroy their relationship. Living with a partner who fails to truly commit to happiness for both can be devastating, but living separate lives can make the divorce easier for both.