A Series of Isolating Relationships

Few people would admit they like isolating relationships, but there are some who unconsciously prefer them. Many people who work...


Recognizing an Isolationist

The modern world has given many people an opportunity to be able to spot red flags in relationships, but not...


Loneliness in the Modern World

Social media has connected people as never before, but there is still a great deal of loneliness in the world....


Moving Past Isolation

People who have been isolated with only one person find their sense of self has been diminished, and they often...


Leaving an Isolating Partner

When a person has been with someone who completely isolates them from friends and family, they may have a difficult...


How Isolation Begins

When people begin a new relationship, they are naturally isolated from friends and family. This occurs because they are busy...

There are people in the world who feel they need to isolate their partner from others for a successful relationship. Much of this behavior is unconscious, but some people do it purposely. They look at the way they are, and they have a need to ensure they will not be compared to others. Rather than make changes in the way they live and think, they seek out a vulnerable person to have for their very own.

There are many ways to isolate a person from friends and family, and someone who has been in multiple long term relationships is often successful at isolations techniques. Many of them begin with small and subtle modifications to the relationship, but some are too impatient to wait long. They begin isolating their partner immediately from the outside world, and they do not stop until their partner's other social or personal connections are lost. This can be a victimless relationship because some people prefer this type of partner.